Officers and Committee Members of the Chapter

Contact information

Chair, Lesley Ewing, FN-93

  • 1679 Tacoma Ave
  • Berkeley CA 94707
  • (510) 527-7899

    Vice Chair, Thomas Dolan, MN-14


    Treasurer, Anna Freitas, MN-17

  • 161 Camino Posada
  • Walnut Creek, CA 94595
  • 925-457-6424

    Secretary, Joyce Chang, MN-17


    Webmaster, Michael F. Diggles, FN-92

  • 6432 Irwin Court
  • Oakland, CA 94609-1123
  • 510-821-1786

    Editor-Newsletter, Anders Jepsen, FN-03

  • 1300 Oakmont Drive #4
  • Walnut Creek CA 94595
  • 925-322-8893

    Field-Trip Coordinator, Jimmy Friedman MN-19

  • 141 11th Street
  • San Francisco, CA 94103
  • 415-244-1881

    Social Media, Jimmy Friedman MN-19

  • 141 11th Street
  • San Francisco, CA 94103
  • 415-244-1881

    World Headquarters

  • 46 East 70th Street
  • New York, NY 10021
  • Telephone 212-628-8383


    Chair: Lesley Ewing, Ph.D., FN-93 has been an Explorers Club Fellow since 1993 and has participated in Chapter activities for over 20 years. She was Chapter Vice Chair in 1999 and 2000 and then Chapter Chair through 2002. After 2002, she reduced her Chapter activities to attending dinner meetings while she focused her energy on her career and working toward a Ph.D. In spring 2017, she again became Vice Chair and gained a renewed appreciation for the importance of our Chapter both for the larger Explorers Club community and our Northern California members and Sirdars. She is a coastal engineer and has traveled through much of the US examining coastal dynamics and the major components that stabilize or modify shorelines. Her interest in the Explorers Club developed out of her work with Sylvia Earle and Graham Hawkes building Deep Flight -- two one-person submersibles that will give researchers and scientists access to vast areas of the ocean. In 2003, she pursued watery fame as she trained to qualify as a pilot of Deep Flight.

    Vice Chair: Thomas Dolan, MN-14 is a severe-weather researcher applying his skills in geography, weather and technology in performing analysis of severe weather events. Since 2009 he has traveled the Central Plains tracking severe weather and modeling the storms using the available Doppler radar data. By using this radar data, he builds 3D views of the tornado structure and compiles them into videos to further improve the visualization of the tornado genesis and the tornado life cycle. These annual trips also provide the ability to analyze tornado damage paths comparing it to the actual radar data, the storm photos, and tornado videos of the event. Tom has led three Explorer Flag Expeditions in 2015, 2018 and 2019. The theme of the expeditions: "Tornado Visualization and Doppler Radar Analysis." Work has been presented at two American Meteorological Conferences, Six annual meteorological conferences as well as an extended presentation at a storm chasers conference.

    Treasurer: Anna Freitas, MN-17 has a background that includes a 35-year career in Finance including CFO of Wells Fargo Credit Card. Educational credentials include an MBA in Finance from University of Minnesota. As practical experience in non-profits, she have served as Treasurer for the Past President's Club of the Stanford Women's Club of the East Bay and also for Parent-Teacher-Student Association for Indian Valley Elementary School.

    Secretary, Joyce Chang, MN-17 is a corporate lawyer and has prior experience serving as Secretary and a member of the Board of Directors of a local nonprofit (Partnerships for Change), so she is quite familiar with the duties and responsibilities listed for Chapter Secretary in our bylaws and officer position descriptions.

    Webmaster, Michael Diggles, FN-92, Geologist since 1977; (mineralogy, geochronology, volcanoes, earthquakes), lead geologist, Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project, authored over 100 scientific papers since 1978. He carried Flag 161 on a study of endangered flora in the Siskiyous.

    Newsletter Editor: Anders Jepsen, Ph.D. FN-03. Anders was Chapter Chair from 2011–2013 and took on the Newsletter in 2015. He became chair in 2011, had been Treasurer for several years then VP. As a young man he performed seven years of geological mapping and gold exploration in the Canadian Northwest Territories. He was in the field to study the emission of pollutant gases from active volcanoes and directed a multi-year part of the Maryland Power Plant Siting Program to provide ground-truth data for air pollution control models. Anders has been a founder or co-founder of five high-tech companies, has also explored for minerals in the Argentine Andes and in Northern Labrador, and he is now very active in the development of solar energy technology. Previous Newsletter Editors include Lee Langan, FN-99 2001–2014; Sue Estey, FN-92, 1999–2000, Mike Diggles, FN-92, 1996–1998, and Bob Schmieder, FN-86, 1992–1995.

    Field Trips and Social Media: Jimmy Friedman MN-19,Martial Arts Professor, Real estate Developer. Jimmy has taken groups to Japan, India, Myanmar, Nepal and many other Asian countries for over thirty years. Also organizes many international Martial arts seminars in the Bay area. He started 11th Street Dojo (Aikido) in 1986. Currently visits India every year to teach martial arts and participates with the Mumbai Aikido dojo in their goal of teaching one million women self-defense.

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    Last modified: March 11, 2020
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