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April 2002, Web Page

April 26, 2002, (Acrobat PDF file) "Photographing Large Mammals on Land and at Sea" with Amos Nachoum (PDF newsletter)

The presentation will be on the big animals and our ability to interact with them in peaceful coexistence. Amos Nachoum has led National Geographic expedition teams, and has co-produced wild-life documentaries. His photos and essays have appeared in more than 500 publications. In addition, his work has been included in the books The Living Ocean, Oceans, and The World of Nature.

Arising from the belief that private individuals should have access to the same sights as governments and large corporations, Amos has developed a cut-ting-edge adventure-travel program specifically to provide opportunities to observe, photograph, and interact with the most imposing inhabitants of the sea, such as great white sharks, killer whales, sperm and humpback whales, dolphins, and more. Only through such observation and interaction, Amos Nachoum believes, can people learn to truly understand and respect some of the most impressive citizens of our water planet.

Date Friday, 26 April 2002
Place Ft. Mason Officers Club
Ft. Mason, Franklin at Bay
San Francisco
Time 6:30 pm, no-host cocktails 7:30 pm, dinner
Cost $45 (by April 22)
($50 if posted afterwards reach Steve at (925) 934-1051) or


An Opportunity to be one of the first Sub-Sea Aviators

One of the great joys of exploration is the realization that there will always be new worlds to study; human ingenuity and technological advances continue to open new doors to exploration. For example, the greater part of our own planet -- the aquatic space --remains largely unexplored to this day. The reason is that access has been extremely limited and unavailable to the kind of private (individual) explorations that are the backbone and spirit of all human explorations. Northern California Club Member, Graham Hawkes (FN-86), plans to make this huge territory more accessible to private exploration when he unveils the Deep Flight Aviator: a craft that will usher in the birth of "sub-sea aviation".

This Fall, Hawkes Ocean Technologies (HOT) is inviting a few intrepid individuals to help open the world's first underwater flight school in the Bahamas and be licensed as the first sub-sea aviators. Lesley Ewing (FN-93), chair of the Northern California chapter, is the first Explorers Club member to sign up, and approximately twelve spaces remain open for the November course.

The First Sub-Sea Aviators

Conventional submersibles are operated by "pilots", so to differentiate those who will operate fully "hydrobatic" craft, using the principles of dynamic lift (flight) rather than the static forces of buoyancy (ballooning), Hawkes is coining the term "Sub-Sea Aviators". The trainee pilots will be flying down to 1,000 feet at the Tongue of the Ocean (Bahamas), and can make low pass (first-eyes) explorations over very rugged terrain of the trench. Upon successful completion of the 3-day course, pilots will be issued the first "Sub-Sea Aviator" licenses, with sequential license numbers starting from 000 on a first come basis. The licenses will clear pilots to participate in future DF Aviator expeditions as crew where, with the accumulation of additional experience (log time etc to be determined), the "crew" restriction will be removed.

The first Sub-Sea Aviation School is for the serious explorer/adventurer who Hawkes hopes will continue his/her interest and help pioneer and establish the new field of sub-sea aviation. The intent, in part, is to unlock the imagination and prove how far a small, dedicated, pioneering, band of individuals, unencumbered by the constraints of industry or government, can take this new freedom for mankind to fly beneath the sea.

Photo underwater aviator on the dock, top view
Deep Flight Aviator

Photo underwater aviator, cockpit view

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