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March 2002, Web Page

March 29, 2002, (Acrobat PDF file) "Exploring the Frontiers of Consciousness" with Marilyn Schlitz (PDF newsletter)

In this lecture, anthropologist and consciousness researcher, Marilyn Schlitz, will explore the link between mind and matter, reviewing research that bridges a high-tech psychophysiology laboratory, a mainstream medical center, and the rainforests of the Amazon. Her presentation will highlight the work of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, founded 30 years ago by Apollo 14 Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell to stimulate breakthroughs in our understanding of reality and our place in it. Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D. is Director of Research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Senior Scientist at the Complementary Medicine Research Institute at the California Pacific Medical Center. She has published numerous articles on psi research and psychophysiology, cross-cultural healing, consciousness studies, and creativity, has conducted research at Stanford University, Science Applications International Corporation, the Institute for Parapsychology, and the Mind Science Foundation, has taught at Trinity University, Stanford University and Harvard Medical School, and has lectured widely at sites including the United Nations and the Smithsonian Institution.

New-Members' brunch

On Saturday, March 9, Chapter Chair Lesley Ewing organized a brunch for the new Members and their sponsors. It was held at Point Richmond where Joe Rychetnik and Stephie Klein hosted the gathering. The morning began with an overview of the history of the Chapter by co-founder Joe and expansion on that legend by past Chapter Chair Ron Reuther. This history was ostensibly for the benefit of the new members all of us young'ns were listening to every word.

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