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The Northern California Chapter of The Explorers Club presents:


Saturday, June 15, 1996, From 1:00 PM
31 Wood Lane
Fairfax, California (See Map)

Once again, this annual garden luncheon will be hosted by Erna Baldwin. This last meeting until September promises to be a relaxed, fun-filled affair.
All members are encouraged to bring any artifacts, costumes, mementos, or other reminders of their explorations. Members will also be given a 5-minute opportunity to tell us about their mementos.
Please fill out the response coupon and mail it to Bill Isherwood (FN-70) as soon as possible. Erna will put on her usual great meal, but she needs to have an accurate attendance count as early as she can. This gives you only until June 4 to have your reservation in to Bill Isherwood.

May Meeting - Report

This meeting, held on 31 May, featured Nicholas Clinch (FN-69) recounting his Antarctic adventures, particularly the first ascent of the Vinson Massif. This meeting was held after the Newsletter went to press, and therefore the details of Nick's presentation will be forthcoming in the late summer Newsletter.
Special thanks to the Liebowitz's for hosting the cocktail party which preceeded the dinner. Did you notice the labels on the wine bottles there? The Chapter is grateful to Don Collin for providing the wines at a reduced cost. Many thanks, Don. Dan had his garden railroad up and running including a sugar train through an African village and an active volcano with red lava spurting. Jack Verducci of the Bay Area Garden Railroad Society produced this wonder.
Below are some photographs from the Liebowitz's party and the Nick Clinch dinner that I though you might like to view.

September Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for September 27. Bill Isherwood (FN-70) has another riveting program planned. Save the date! Await the September Newsletter, which promises to be laden with news and fascinating information, as well as with photos from the Liebowitz's reception and the Baldwin Garden Party.

Golden GateAway

Do you have your reservations yet? Places at the Northern California Chapter's 1996 Golden GateAway, October 18 - 19, 1996, are going fast. This event promises to be a sell-out. Chairman Bob Schmieder (FN-86) and his committee have organized a Friday evening cocktail party of wines, and exotic hors d'oeuvres from around the world; Saturdays expeditions; and a gala Dinner Saturday evening at the Stouffer Renaissance Stanford Court Hotel. This black tie event will feature well-known speakers, special exhibits, a wild animal display, and some surprises you'll just have to be there to enjoy.

Remember these dates: October 18 and 19, 1996.
Get your orders in NOW!

News Notes from All Over (Northern California):

The Fall 1995 issue of the Explorers Journal (the one with Jupiter on the cover) contains two book reviews by Chapter member Dan (Norden) Cheatham (FN-89). He reviewed Life on the Edge: A Guide to California's Endangered Natural Resources--Wildlife, by Carl Thelander, and Poles Apart: Parallel Visions of the Arctic and Antarctic, by Galen Rowell.
Daniel Liebowitz (MN-66) and his wife, Rusty, have just returned from an eventful trip to the Society Islands and the Cook Islands, with fascinating tales to tell.
In April-May, 1966, Herb Sigmond (FN-93) and Michael Mouri (FN-93) travelled to Zenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina, to teach Emergency Medicine to resident doctors in their 1300-bed hospital. Zenica, until recently a city of 100,000 souls, has now grown to 200,000. The hospital serves a catchment area of about 800,000 persons. This trip was part of a joint project between Adventure Medicine and the International Medical Corps (IMC) to help foreign emergency medical residents reach American standards. The Bosnian medical schools have been closed for two years, and in the previous three years there had been scant medical supplies. Much of the surgery was done with little or no anesthetic.

This support effort had started during the war, but continues during the peace effected by the Dayton Accords. The people who survived the war endured unimaginable hardship, and are still haunted by war's aftermath. Sigmond and Mouri cared for land mine injuries and encountered more than a few patients who carried automatic assault weapons and hand grenades. They were warned to wear dark, drab clothing to avoid bringing any undue attention to themselves, wore flak jackets, and were transported in armored vehicles.

They report that there is still tension in the air, and that this area is a powder keg waiting to explode when NATO troops withdraw next year. On the other hand, they say that people are planting gardens, beginning to gain weight, and laughing again.

Bosnia is very slowly re-entering the 20th Century. For example, Sigmond and Mouri travelled over 4 hours on pot-holed roads to Tuzla, a town of 100,000 (where six thousand artillery shells had landed, killing many civilians) to see a demonstration of a new ambulance from Slovenia with the latest technological advances. It never arrived. At Zenica Hospital, nurses are still paid with two meals a day. The doctors there have experienced caring for more war trauma than most U.S. Army doctors see in a lifetime, but they are eagerly re-learning the art of peace-time diagnosis and treatment.

Sigmond and Mouri say, "We have learned much about ourselves and our fellow man from these hardy people. The brotherhood of man is everywhere."

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